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Relish Fairfax Virgina in a Lavish Limousine

Relish Fairfax Virgina in a Lavish Limousine

Vacation seekers in Tristate area come to Fairfax for an entertaining weekend and they choose BWI limousine service for a stress-free ride to Fairfax. This beautiful Virginian County is only 19 miles away from Washington DC. Conditions of the road and the traffic can take up to an hour to get to Fairfax, which we gladly make a comfortable experience in one of our modern limousines. We pride ourselves in offering customer friendly service from the moment you call us at (202)766-7518, our experienced professional staff carefully listen to your requirements and help you choose a perfect vehicle that meets your comfort and style needs. With us, there will be a plenty to enjoy at your destination but we do everything to make your journey itself a thing to remember.

Fairfax is the city with one leg in the past and one in the future. You will be able to experience its rich history and culture as well as strong attachment to science and exploration. As it is a popular getaway destination for history buffs, most of our day tour customers take a stop at George Washington’s Mount Vernon historic mansion; to see preserved residence of our first president. Visit Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center to see jet fighters, stealth bombers, and spaceships. You can even sit in a plane simulator to satisfy your aviation passion. We hire all of our chauffeurs locally and they are very well aware of the attractions in Fairfax, so feel free to ask him to help you in exploring the city. If you wish we will drive you to Claude Moore Colonial Farm, which is a restored live farm where you can see and participate in the colonial life of the residents of Fairfax. When you want to see the life of Fairfax of today, we will drive you to the Vienna Inn, for world-renowned chili dogs. It is a local favorite which surely you will miss unless you have an experienced local chauffeur driving you on the roads of Fairfax.

Due to Fairfax’s proximity to Washington DC, all the regional and international airports are easily accessible by a limousine, especially when BWI limousine service provides a reliable ground transportation. Our airport transfer is the most comfortable way to get to Fairfax from Baltimore-Washington International Airport. As we greet you at the airport with a smile, quickly load your luggage, and smoothly drive you out of the airport in no time. We understand the hassles of air travel and do everything in making your airport transfer a soothing experience. So, traveling with us allows you to ease off your jetlag on the backseat with ample leg room so when you get to Fairfax, you are ready to enjoy its many offerings. Fairfax is full of natural beauty there is no shortage of beautiful parks to walk in the tranquillity to soothe your senses. To let your kids run around and stretch their legs, we can drive you to Kutner park, It has a beautiful Playground, white sand dunes, grill, and a Tennis court. Fairfax is as versatile as your taste in taking a day tour. Fairfax county Virginia has something to offer to everyone so, don’t shy in asking our chauffeur to take you to a place of your choice.

We take a great pain in transforming our drivers into the world-class chauffeurs so when you sit in our car, you’re treated with respect and the chauffeur acts as your concierge. They will humbly hear out your requests and do everything in their power to make your trip as seamless as you imagined. Your safety is the main concern for us so, we do a thorough background check on all of our staff so the backseat of our cars is as safe for you as your home. Speaking of home, we give you the freedom and privacy that you will enjoy at your home on your way to Fairfax that allows you to work in peace. Our higher-end luxury executive cars cocoon you from the outside world so you can focus on what is important for you. This is the reason we serve as many business executives as the families going for a day trip. Business is growing in Fairfax, in fact, it is a shopaholic paradise. Whether you are on business or a family trip, our chauffeur can drive you to very busy shopping areas quickly so you can spend more time on shopping than being on the road. There are many shopping areas but Fairfax Corner is a Pedestrian-friendly shopping spot that our clients thoroughly enjoy. If you want to end your trip with a relaxing massage, our driver will take you to Red Door Spa and will humbly wait for you so you can have a thoroughly stress-free tour.

Many business people attend their meetings at Westfield Golf Park, which is state of the art golf park, it keeps its visitors entertained no matter what their skill level is. When you book a limousine, BWI limousine service will assign the chauffeur who is familiar with Fairfax and experienced with corporate clients so you get an impeccable experience of your business trip. As we offer competitive prices our customers are often amazed that we provide highest quality service in the limousine business at such low prices. When you book your limo with us whether it is a day trip to the family-friendly Fairfax city or a business trip to the Fairfax city with emergent businesses, we will make your limousine experience worth remembering.


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